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In 2020 I realized that my home, a Chicago bungalow, had become more than simply a house. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, my home became my city.

My living room is no longer a living room; it is a classroom, a theater, and mission critical substation. It’s where every day, my…

I encountered what I view as one of the most influential concepts of architecture in 1987, when I was a first-year architecture student in Mark Clary’s studio at the University of Kentucky College of Architecture. Mark assigned each student in my studio our first project: the analysis of a house…

A fan amidst the swirling crowd in front of Trenton Doyle Hancock’s “From a Legend to a Choir” at AT&T Stadium. Photo: Nic Lehoux

Recently, I had the honor of being able to go back to photograph and film an important work of architecture designed by my colleagues at HKS: AT&T Stadium. It’s best known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, yet it is much more than that. It’s a design that changed…


Chicagoan, designer & burgeoning urban gardener. Changing the world one tweet at a time.

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